The Diwali Season Pass
The Diwali Season Pass
The Diwali Season Pass

The Diwali Season Pass

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The best thing about Diwali is being together with your friends, family and celebrating without a care in the world. 

All your best clothes, food, drinks come out for the occasion. It's one big party, and we absolutely love it and miss it. Everybodies homes are a spectacular sight, and while you play cards; sipping on a drink you know this is as good as it gets <3

So the third Moji is a dedication to that feeling, it's the all time Diwali Season Pass to do all things you love. So if you have a friend who isn't around anymore to celebrate like old times; this one's for him. 

How To Order: 

  1. Be sure to mention THEIR name at the beginning of the message, and include YOUR name at the end. So we can address the PostMoji right. 
  2. The postcard will look like what you can see in Image No. 03
  3. Provide THEIR shipping address and YOUR email address on the first checkout page.
  4. Shipping is included in the cost, so just continue to payment method on the second checkout page
  5. Provide YOUR address & details in Billing Information (so the order can be processed in your name) on the third checkout page
  6. Enter YOUR payment information on the third page.