Dil Waali Dilwali
Dil Waali Dilwali
Dil Waali Dilwali

Dil Waali Dilwali

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Diwali is the one time of the year when you whole heartedly get together as a family, a community, a country and it's a spectacular celebration. 

As a Diwali custom we send all our friends and family a little gift, sweets while also visiting them; and this year we designed this Moji to be that perfect token you can send to your loved ones who are away from you; but are missing out on the honest from the heart Diwali with you. 

Note: In case you'd like to order more than 5 pieces do reach out to us on palat@postmoji.in and perhaps we could give you a discount on the order :)


How To Order: 

  1. Be sure to mention THEIR name at the beginning of the message, and include YOUR name at the end. So we can address the PostMoji right. 
  2. The postcard will look like what you can see in Image No. 03
  3. Provide THEIR shipping address and YOUR email address on the first checkout page.
  4. Shipping is included in the cost, so just continue to payment method on the second checkout page
  5. Provide YOUR address & details in Billing Information (so the order can be processed in your name) on the third checkout page
  6. Enter YOUR payment information on the third page.