Christmas Tree Moji
Christmas Tree Moji
Christmas Tree Moji

Christmas Tree Moji

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There is nothing more symbolic than the Christmas Tree, when it comes to celebrations & decorations. So this is our neat & simple take on the Tree of Life & the holidays! So even if your loves ones don't have an entire fir tree at home, this could be a lovely reminder of the festive feeling!

Our entire Christmas Collection is designed a way, to become the perfect Christmas Decor for anybody. It's light enough to be stuck on a Christmas Tree, or big enough to have a space on the wall. 

The Moji is 12 inches in height, and is extremely durable. It also comes with a specially designed Christmas Postcard, which will carry your personalised message.

Not just that, while you send your loved ones this this beautiful Christmas Tree with a message, you'll also be playing Secret Santa to an underprivileged child from the Yein Udaan School. 10% of every sale, will go into buying Christmas Presents for those little bundles of joy. 

Do Note: We are currently open for pre-orders, and all orders before the 15th of December, will be shipped only post the 15th; but still well in time for Christmas. Because, we have limited stock, hurry up & order now! 

How To Order: 

  1. Be sure to mention THEIR name at the beginning of the message, and include YOUR name at the end. So we can address the PostMoji right. 
  2. The postcard will look like what you can see in Image No. 03
  3. Provide THEIR shipping address and YOUR email address on the first checkout page.
  4. Shipping is included in the cost, so just continue to payment method on the second checkout page
  5. Provide YOUR address & details in Billing Information (so the order can be processed in your name & the children {your secret santee} can send you their Thank You cards) on the third checkout page
  6. Enter YOUR payment information on the third page.
  7. Any discount coupon can be applied either on the first or second checkout page