The Nostalgic DostCard
The Nostalgic DostCard
The Nostalgic DostCard
The Nostalgic DostCard

The Nostalgic DostCard

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We’re always thankful to the universe for that one old friend, who has just been around since the beginning of time as far as you remember. That one friend you spent your clueless childhood, the awkward puberty and the embarrassing teenage tashan phase with. That one friend who sees right through your BS and you can get soaked in nostalgia with.

Remembering the good old days on a chill night, being reminded of all the silly/stupid/embarrassing things you were up to as kids and by the end of if it all you can’t help but admit ‘Hum Bhi Kaise Chutiye The, Yaaaar!’

This limited edition Moji is an ode to those incredible memories and that incredible friend which made you the person you are! We’re sure we’ve managed to remind you of them; so go ahead and type out that senti message in your head and remind him of the good ol’ days (could there be a better way than a polaroid also packaged as a postcard. #DoubleWhammy)

How To Order: 

  1. Be sure to mention THEIR name at the beginning of the message, and include YOUR name at the end. So we can address the PostMoji right. 
  2. The postcard will look like what you can see in Image No. 03
  3. Provide THEIR shipping address and YOUR email address on the first checkout page.
  4. Shipping is included in the cost, so just continue to payment method on the second checkout page
  5. Provide YOUR address & details in Billing Information (so the order can be processed in your name) on the third checkout page
  6. Enter YOUR payment information on the third page.
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PostMoji's usually ship the next business day of the order being placed and take 2 - 4 business days to be delivered according to your Postal Code. We ship with Delhivery or Aramex in Maharashtra & with Fedex across Rest of India.