The Dostcard Collection

In school, Friendship's Day was like the peaking moment in our social lives. Cut 2018, and it's not that cool anymore. And that's why at PostMoji, much like everything else we decided to reinvent the occasion and bring it back with our 'DostCard Collection.'

Now we know that you're probably too old to "celebrate" Friendship's Day. But you're never too old to celebrate those precious little f**kers who made life a lot more than just tolerable. 

So we decided to create some quirky/nostalgic wall art as Postcards, so you can send your best buds a reminder of how far you've come. From an ode to the chill nights you've had, to the ambitious dreams you've spoken about; we have something for everybody. 

So what are you waiting for? Checkout this collection, and let your 'BFF' know why they're still important! ?


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