Why postmoji?

Express The Old-School Way, With A New Age Twist.

As Millennials, we value self-expression. But, only as long as expression is effortless. Something about that though just isn't as fulfilling; so we decided it was time to bring old-school back with a Millennial twist.

Postcard + Emoji = PostMoji

Now pick an emoji -> Write a Message (The Postcard) -> Send

It’s as simple. That convenient. And super fun!

There are lots of things in life that deserve more than a status, a caption, a text. And the emoji today is not just an icon, it's an expression, an emotion. So we coupled that with the old-school postcard and Voila! This your chance to surprise your favorite people, with fun emojis in the real world.
Are you ready to Post a Moji?  😁

The Emoji Collection

Heart Eyes

The perfect Moji to melt someone’s heart. Successful First Date? Long Distance Relationship? Actually send it to anybody you love.

Send Heart Eyes

Celebration Moji

First, how did this emoji not exist? Second, You need a reason to celebrate? Here is one 🎉! Also a custom & exclusive PostMoji design.

Send Celebration Moji

Poop Face

Because in the Millennial world, sending somebody Poop is perfectly acceptable & hilarious! How about you give us one good reason, not to?

Send poop face

Sorry Face

Need to apologise? Receiving a PostMoji is known to cause tons of side effects, and instant forgiveness tops the list!

Send Sorry Face

Laughter Face

Ever laughed so hard that you cried? There is nothing more perfect to commemorate that relationship & moment.

Send Laughter Face

Birthday Cake Smash

Can’t physically be present to smash their face with a cake? Well, close enough! Also a custom & exclusive PostMoji design.

Send Cake Smash

Pint-Sized Postcards: The PRIDE Collection

As Featured In

Mojis Day Out

PostMoji's aren't meant to be snuck away in a box, but paraded around in all it's glory. If you receive one, don't forget to have some fun!

Moji Testimonials

“I was literally saved from ‘the dumps,’ thanks to PostMoji. They are the only ones who give a ‘shit’ about real expression”

Poop Face

“Wondering what the world was celebrating without me, for this long? So am I! Now is really when the party starts. Welcome!”

Celebration Moji